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Working with 360AD

Our services

You can take advantage of our full range of services and have your project taken from concept to completion, or you can pick and choose the services you need.

Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

Concept Development

We start by listening to what our clients are looking for and understand what they have in their mind’s eye.

It is from these vital initial discussions that we then start to develop initial ideas that could go through many revisions before the preferred design concept is approved.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Since 2006, our founder, Nick Davies, has been using AutoCAD’s Revit software, which utilises real-time components to create computer-generated models of their proposed designs.

The models are adaptable and can incorporate existing and proposed stages, from concept to construction. Needing no input from other software packages, Revit gives us the ability to produce concept visuals to full working drawings, along with details and component schedules.

We also offer BIM services to fellow designers, architects, engineers and building contractors.


Revit helps us bring our concepts to life with three-dimensional modelling, combined with sourced material samples and product imagery.

This allows us to show our clients all the elements of the proposed design scheme that we have incorporated.

Architectural Interiors

We can now start to look at the specifics of the overall concept, once it has been approved by our client, which means we start to finalise fixtures, finishes and all the other key elements that will bring the scheme together.

Detailed drawings for joinery, mechanical and electrical can be produced within the architectural model for final construction detail by the appointed specialists. This ensures there is a consistent design language for all the elements ensuring that they work in harmony.

Statutory Approvals

Once the plans are finalised we can take care of all planning applications and building regulations, to ensure that the desired scheme can be taken through to the construction and fit-out stages.

In some cases we do need to take revised plans through the appeals process, but we work hard to ensure that our design schemes are approved.

Design Management

At all stages health and safety is considered within the design process and the clients’ roles in the development of a project will be advised.

Working with the contracting team we can remain as part of the construction or fit-out team to ensure that the designs that the client is expecting are delivered to their complete satisfaction.


Are you ready to start your next project?

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